The First Confession of a Chocoholic…

So I love chocolate.

When I say that, I really mean is that I go crazy – can’t live without – must have or die – need Chocolate to survive. It’s bad, but also so delicously good at the same time. I can it all day, any time of day.

It only made sense that when I came across this recipe that I add it to the MUST EAT NOW list.

What’s the MUST EAT NOW list?

A collection of all my favorite foods that I will regardless of diet, size, color, shape and weight I am in at the current time. It’s a good size list, but mostly inlcudes: dark chocolatre, milk and white chocolate, those little conversation hearts from Valentines Day, strawberries in cake or with ice cream or both, white rainbow bit cake, pizza with fresh pineapples and mushrooms, and much much more….

Anywho… back to the recipe…

You know the kind that hardens after you put it on ice cream? YEA! That one!!!

Except that I am now a Primal Diet (more info here) and do not eat ice cream very much at all. *Little Tear* I didn’t let that stop me from enjoying this though! Instead I cut up fresh pineapple, strawberries and raspberries and threw them in the freezer for about 5 minutes.

The end result as you can see was AWESOME! It tasted so good! I am definitely adding it to The List.

 Here is what I thought Looked “pretty” for my blog…

Here is what mine actually ended up looking like… A nice smooth blanket of dark chocolate over top of those sweet little goodies underneath! I can’t help it! I am a REAL Chocoholic!


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